Frequently Asked Questions

What is the course fee?

All participants are required to pay 200 US Dollars, which is equivalent to 755 Dirhams to access the course.

What is the duration of the subscription?

The subscription expires in one year, starting from the day the user purchased the course.

Why should i become a member and buy the course?

As a member of the IDREIM, you will receive the following benefits, and these benefits are always evolving and progressing :
Members of IDREIM gain recognition and network through the Members directory and Online forum.

Career Development and Consultation based on the qualification, experience and future growth opportunities.

Speaking and lecturing opportunities at the Members’ events.

Free access to DREI Library resources at DREI premises.

30 minutes free consultation with leading Real Estate experts based on the legal, real estate, procedural and operational issues.

Free selected course according your membership type.

50% discount on one selected course from this year Training Calendar.

20% discount on all DREI international certification and executive courses from this year Training Calendar.

Invite to IDREIM’s annual conference with for a special rate.

Participate and network through Open forums and Think Tanks sessions.

Free professional knowledge Development plan to win a competitive edge.

Regular Updates on policies, best practices, laws, market events and news.

Who will be delivering the webinar sessions for Q&A?

A combination of experts from IDREIM, will take part and will interact with the purchased users, through chat and voice.